How to Clean Binoculars Inside: A Step-by-Step Guide

Knowing how to clean binoculars inside is important in every binoculars maintenance. Whether you are learning how to clean old binoculars or your new pair, doing it the proper way will ensure the long life of these devices and also giving you better images.

Its very important to clean your binoculars because a lot of stuff gets in there when you are out on your outdoor adventures. So, removing the dust and debris that gets stuck in there is important. But it is also worthwhile mentioning that you don’t want to clean your binoculars very often.

The reason is that the lenses are coated with a layer reflective and a protective coating or more coatings. Most high-quality binoculars are coated anyway. What this lens coating does is to allow a greater amount of light through the lenses to create clearer, brighter and sharper images.

If you clean them very often, the coatings will wear off or get messed up leaving the lenses uncoated. This is not good. Plus, if you clean them incorrectly, you can damage the lenses as well. scratched lenses cause blur or distorted images.

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Binocular Cleaning kit

In the market, you will find binoculars cleaning kits which can also be used for camera or scope lenses as well. If you are lucky enough and your pair comes with a cleaning kit. Lucky you!. Otherwise, you can grab them separately in a supermarket. Here are the items you will need to clean your binoculars properly.

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Squeeze Ball or Air Blaster

An air blaster is an air pump that enables you to remove debris and dust from camera, binoculars and other sensitive devices lenses.

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Lens Pen

It is a little retractable brush that is used to get the dust off lenses. It is used by simply brushing the surface of the lenses with it. It clears almost all dust and debris off the lenses surfaces.

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Microfiber Cloth and Lens Cleaner Solution

The microfiber cloth is very soft and extra gentle and doesn’t leave any scratches or marks on your lenses.

This solution is designed for optics. Use the power of nature to clean without leaving streaks or blemishes. Safe for all electronics, coated lenses, and sensors. I know you may have some glass cleaners in the house but please don’t use that one.

I would recommend If you can’t carry all with you, at least carry the lens pens and the microfiber cloth with you.

Don’t breathe or spit on your lenses either. Other materials besides microfiber cloth will scratch your lenses, therefore, degrading the image quality. I am pretty sure you don’t want to spoil those expensive binoculars either.

How to  Clean Binoculars

Below are the simple steps you need to follow to clean your binoculars.

Step 1: Blow of Dust and Debris

The first step you will need to take is to remove all dust particles and debris from the lenses. Take your binoculars by one hand and tilt it down and with the air blaster in the other hand, blow the dust of each objective lens. This should take like one or so minute.

Step 2: Use a Lens Pen

This step is to help get more dust off the lenses. This brush is very soft and with the binoculars in the same position as step 1, use the lens pen to brush the lens surfaces. This will remove most of the dust on the surface. Once you are sure the dust has been removed. then move to step 3.

Step 3: Use Microfiber Cloth and Lens Cleaner

Now, it is time to actually wipe the lenses. Microfiber cloth is much better than using just an ordinary cloth. It is so soft and is designed for camera lenses. Use a clean one because it is less likely to do damage to your binoculars than other materials.

Use the cloth in conjunction with the lens cleaner. Spray the cloth a little with the cleaner and gently wipe the lenses off with the microfiber cloth. This will remove water spots and things like that. Do this to both lense by spending some minutes wiping the surfaces. Do not wipe or press too hard on the lenses.

If for any reason you don’t have the cleaner you can use lens wipe to clean your lenses surface. It’s good enough.

Step 4: Repeat Same Process for the Eyepieces

Whether you are using your eyecups or not, once in while dust can also find their way into your eyepieces. So its good to get them off as well. So just simply repeat the same process above and you are good to go.

Be gentle.

Remember! More binoculars have been ruined by wrong cleaning than by being dropped on the sidewalk.

Note: Do not wipe your binoculars lenses with your teeshirt because it will scratch the lenses. Thereby spoiling your binoculars.

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